USPS eRetire Liteblue

USPS is company providing postal service in united states since so many times. USPS eRetire liteblue is made for the retired and about to retire employees that have served USPS for their whole career. USPS has earned the title of being US’s biggest mailing company by dint of their hard work. It is not easy to provide such unfailing services and remain at the top without their hardworking employees so USPS made an application to give back to them in a similar way.

Highpoints of USPS eRetire Liteblue.

  • Shows the eligibility criteria for retiring and retired employees.
  • Shows all the details of retirement plans and manages those so retired employees don’t have to do all the work.
  • Those who find it hard to talk to their managers about retirement work can use the app to communicate freely.
  • Easier means to understand the rules of the retirement plans.
  • The presence of a portal that allows employees to start planning and deciding on a retirement plan prior to their actual retirement.

Why eRetire Liteblue?

USPS has successfully maintained more than 600,000 employees; it is only natural that they would think of their senior employees in a special way. Along with that, it is also a semi-government organization which means it has to provide accessible post-retirement services for its employees.

The retirement plans are based on the service terms and various criteria that need to be fulfilled. There are also a variety of factors that determine the eligibility for different retirement plans. These classify under different sets as given below:

  • Employees that fall under (5) years of retirement eligibility.
  • Employees that fall under (6) months of retirement eligibility.
  • Employees those are eligible under current retirement.

The application is helpful because depending on your eligibility criteria, you can opt for a particular plan and map out your whole retirement in that manner. The application provides complete assistance in this manner and is applicable for all permanent employees of USPS. When it comes to Part-time employees, they can contact their respective department heads to find out what’s best for them. The average time for an email reply to a manual inquiry of that sort reaches the employees within 14 days on inquiry.

How to access USPS eRetire Liteblue ?

Accessing the Liteblue eRetire is possible from the USPS Liteblue app itself.

  • Open your employee account on USPS Liteblue app.
  • Open Employee Apps and click on Quick Link. This is present under “My HR” tab.
  • Click on eRetire once you notice it under Employee Apps.
  • You will have USPS eRetire Liteblue successfully open on your device.

Variation of retirement plan based on difference in criteria in USPS eRetire Liteblue.

Depending on retirement eligibility, the plans can be made differently, these are:

  • Employees that fall under (5) years of retirement eligibility: They are allowed to print out estimates that measure their retirement plan in accordance with the time of the employee’s retirement date, the date of retirement plus 6 months, or the date of retirement plus 1 year.
  • Employees that fall under (6) months of retirement eligibility or are currently retiring: They can print out their retirement plans and opt for date of retirement + next month/ 7 months/ 13 months . Those who are currently retiring can enter a custom date to see the plans available at that time.

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