PostalEASE Liteblue Login

PostalEASE is the official exclusive site for the employees of USPS. If you are not familiar with USPS, it is one of the largest retails network chains, surpassing even Walmart and McDonald’s. Its employees are the proud members of the chain that serves, literally, the world. To manage its hundred thousand of employees, the Company has now come up with an online portal- the PostalEASE Liteblue.

It is an employee-exclusive portal from the USPS Headquarters. Here you will find all your information ready to use and available in a consolidated manner, just at the touch of your fingertips. All your queries as an employee now can be answered at one place, the portal contains all the necessary information usually required by employees such as various USPS employee benefit plans, including the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan (FEHB). In this guide, we shall explore the details of logging in to the PostalEASE Liteblue portal, as well as the benefits that you get as an employee at PostalEASE Liteblue.

How to login into PostalEASE?

The steps for logging in are pretty easy to follow. Here they are listed below:

  • Visit the site at to start your login process.
PostalEASE Liteblue Login
  • Once the site displays on your screen, you will be asked to agree to their Terms and Conditions and the service agreements. Remember, only employees are allowed on the portal and all intruders can receive lawsuits if found guilty.
  • Once the portal redirects, you will see a log in form. Enter your Employee Identification Number and password as required in the fields labelled as such.
PostalEASE Liteblue Login ID and Password
  • Enter your ID and password to the best of your memory and click on ‘Sign in’. After verification of your information, you will be redirected to your employee account page.
  • Your USPS self-service password is required here. If this is your first time using any USPS self-service applications, you can easily set up an exclusive password by clicking on the “Setup SSP account”.
  • By clicking you wil redirected to the new page as shown in image below.
PostalEASE new
  • Click on Enter SSP. Enter the required details asked on the next page.

All these transactions can also be made over the telephone, you can do so by calling 1-877-4PS-EASE or 1-877-477-3273.

Benefits of using PostalEASE Liteblue:

  • The system handles vital information like salary details and work assignments to superior control and team management tools. It contains the A-Z of all employee requirements.
  • It assures quick data flow, faster communication, and connection between networks.
  • Important information like the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan (FEHB) are also available at the tips of your fingers.
  • Now you can track your job, have a look at your schedule and even get information regarding mail orders.
  • The login feature is totally secure and it is designed in such a way that outsiders have no access to all the inside information.
  • Easy communication with higher members of hierarchy and management without any physical connection.
  • An online directory that keeps track of all information for future use.

These are just a few of the hundreds of benefits employees usually get from PostalEASE Liteblue. Once you start using PostalEASE do you understand how handy the portal really is. We wish you a happy experience!

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